• Suppertime with Threpence, Mother, Yendor and Father (left to right)
  • Yendor takes on the Killwing
  • Try some slime asks the Grumposaur
  • Yendor had never seen anything like The Golden Palace before
  • The giant tells Yendor to go no further!
  • All aboard the Snawk
Yendor flying through the air

Yendor's Story

The Yendor Collection of Goodies

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! The couple consulted with Jon Rashid (known to Rodney through Jon's association with Travellers Tales and Cosgrove Hall Films). Rashid then secured the talent of ace animator Matt Henry (MDH Animation) and in next to no time their small team of four was formed and set to work.

Animation is a time-consuming process and, of course, many hours of work needs funding! The Matthews turned to Kickstarter and with the help of supportive and encouraging backers they received 105% of their required budget, allowing them to complete the project. By early 2021 they had a finished animation in their hands.

Press play to see the trailer. If it's a little blurry, click the cog to change the resolution.

At the moment Yendor is being exclusively screened at film festivals around the world. Some of these festivals will be screening Yendor online. If you sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page), we can let you know when this happens.

To date, Yendor has been officially selected for screening at 35 film festivals, from which he has picked up 43 Laurels, including: 1 Nominee, 2 Semi-Finalist, 2 Finalists and 27 Wins!